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           A variety of expert services are available to support our clients in the current climate of increasing demand for wireless coverage and user capacity.  Once a permit application is submitted to a municipality, the infamous FCC “Shot Clock” starts ticking and requires a “timely” decision or the municipality can be forced into a decision by a Court.  We strive to keep the decisions at the local level by providing sound advice and timely services and effective negotiations with permit applicants.  

           Services range from informal discussions with decision-makers and service providers regarding pending wireless telecommunications facility deployment to full consideration of radio-frequency issues in permit applications and zoning variance requests that are critical to proper project justification to independent field imaging by remote controlled drone flights to evaluate tower/facility antenna height minimum requirements.  Typical efforts include review of wireless service provider documentation for adequacy to show need and that a proposed facility is the least intrusive means to address the need.

           We neither advocate for facility deployment nor lobby against sites. Instead we focus on informing our clients and explaining the meaning of the radio-frequency evidence considered by decision-makers and their staff advisors to allow them to make a well-reasoned and confident decision based on factual evidence that is more likely than not to stand up to challenges.

           Ultimately boards that oversee planning and zoning variances must fulfill their duty to make their own decisions. Our efforts assure factual evidence is presented, vetted, and properly understood so that decision makers can make a difference for their communities and   constituencies.  We would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss how we can support your municipal planning and zoning of wireless communication facilities.